Biometric Resident Permits (BRP) overseas roll-out

Biometric Resident Permits (BRP) overseas roll-out

Previously, successful applicants for entry clearance would be able to evidence their leave via a vignette

(sticker) in their passport. Under the new process successful applicants for entry clearance of over 6

months will have to apply for a BRP as evidence of their leave. There will be a phased introduction of this


The applicant will be issued with a 30 day short term biometric entry clearance visa to allow them to come

to the UK to collect their BRP. They must collect the BRP within ten days of arrival of the UK.

The visa will start from the date the applicant indicated in their application form that they would travel to

the UK. They will also receive a decision letter, which will tell the applicant which Post Office they must

collect their BRP from. It will also tell them what to do if they are unable to collect their BRP.

The Student Services teams in the centre are able to assist students when collecting the BRP.
Collecting the BRP

The applicant should collect their BRP within ten days of their arrival in the UK. If they fail to collect their

BRP they may be liable to a sanction.

The applicant will be allocated the Post Office branch from which they can collect their BRP from, during

the Tier 4 visa application process. The BRP will be delivered to that Post Office and the applicant must

collect the BRP from it.

If the applicant does not travel within the validity of the 30-day short term biometric entry clearance they

will need to apply for another 30 day short term biometric entry clearance to travel to the UK.

International Rollout Schedule

• Phase 1 – 18 March 2015 • Pakistan

• Phase 2 – Mid April 2015 (estimated, subject to the exact date legislation comes into force) •

• Phase 3 – 31 May 2015 • Afghanistan • Ascension Island • Australia • Bahamas • Bahrain •

Armenia • Bangladesh • Bhutan • Burma • Cambodia • China • Cyprus • Denmark •

Estonia • Finland • Germany • Gibraltar • Iceland • India • Indonesia • Italy • Laos •

Libya • Maldives • Malta • Nepal • Netherlands • North Korea • Norway • Portugal •

Republic of Ireland • Spain • Sri Lanka • Sweden • Thailand • Vietnam

Barbados • Bermuda • Brunei • Canada • Cayman Islands • Dominican Republic • Egypt

• Falkland Islands • Fiji • Guyana • Iran • Jamaica • Japan • Malaysia • Mongolia • New

Zealand • Nigeria • Oman • Papua New Guinea • Philippines • Qatar • St Helena • St

Lucia • Singapore • South Korea • Taiwan • Trinidad & Tobago • United Arab Emirates •

United States of America • Yemen

• Phase 4 – 31 July 2015 • Rest of World


Biometric Resident Permits (BRP) overseas roll-out continued

The biometric residence permit is proof of the holder’s right to stay, work or study in the United Kingdom.

It can also be used as a form of identification (for example, if they wish to open a bank account in the

United Kingdom). The holder is not required to carry their permit at all times, but they must show it at the

border, together with their passport, when travelling outside of, and when returning to, the United


Sample BPR











You will no longer be issued with the visa below in your passport. Your visa will now be

the size of a credit card as pictured above and you will be issued this when you enrol at

your institution in the UK



old type visa