There are over 4,000 institutions in the U.S.  

How will your students choose their dream school?

With so many choices, it can be a challenge for any student to determine what is best for them. The staff at ONCAMPUS Boston and ONCAMPUS SUNY provide transfer advising to our students to help them understand this complex process.

Why would a student want to consider 

transferring to a different college or university?

In the United States, transferring to another school is common practice.  In fact, 1 out of 3 students in the U.S. transfer schools at least once during their college study! Students choose to transfer for many reasons – financial, major, prestige, etc.

The ONCAMPUS programs are designed for students to transfer to an ideal college or university upon completion.  Students study for one year in the ONCAMPUS University Transfer Program then have the option to transfer to another college or university for years two, three and four.

How does Transfer Advising work 

in ONCAMPUS USA centers?

The ONCAMPUS Transfer Adviser assists students with the transfer process by helping them understand how to go about selecting a transfer university, by providing step-by-step guidance through the transfer process, and by gaining practical experience through completing every component of the application together.

The Transfer Adviser also arranges visitations with representatives from a variety of universities throughout the year. During the SUNY Roadshow, the Transfer Adviser invites public and private college and university representatives to campus to meet and discuss their programs with our students.

Who will help students through this process?

Each US Center has a dedicated staff member for transfer advising.  For example, at ONCAMPUS SUNY, it’s Susan Risler.


Susan is enthusiastic about empowering students to make academic, career and transfer decisions that maximize their strengths, potential and interests. She has over 15 years of Higher Education experience serving in several capacities – Admissions, Career Services & Student Transitions, Academic & First Year Advising, and Student Life at both two and four year public and private colleges.  Also, Susan has 14 years of experience in a counseling role working as a Social Worker with elementary, middle, and high school students and mentally challenged patients.

Some of Susan’s responsibilities at ONCAMPUS SUNY include:

  • Weekly seminars and individual advising sessions for students to guide them successfully through the transfer process
  • Assess students’ previous and current academic achievement and provide guidance and support to achieve a successful placement
  • Identify, lead, and assist promotion of transfer opportunities within the SUNY system, e.g. organizing student visits, partner visits, advising sessions, and guest lecturers.
  • Develop strong working relationships and communications with SUNY institutions