Expanded opportunities at Royal Roads University


Expanded opportunities at Royal Roads University

Royal Roads University, in partnership with Study Group, is excited to announce the availability of Direct Entry into all on-campus programs, in addition to a wide variety of Online & Blended degree programs starting for the Fall 2015 intake. As the partnership continues to grow, Royal Roads and Study Group have collaborated on a number of new initiatives designed to further support international student success. With the new agreement, Study Group will be responsible for majority of the international recruitment into Royal Roads degree programs.

Direct Entry Undergrad (2+2 or 1+3):
Students who have completed one or two at another higher education institution can transfer to Royal Roads University and enter directly into year two or three of any on-campus undergraduate program:
•     Bachelor of Business Administration in Sustainability and International Business

•     Bachelor of Arts in Professional Communication*

•     Bachelor of Arts in Global Tourism Management*

•     Bachelor of Arts in International Hotel Management*

•     Bachelor of Commerce in Entrepreneurial Management

•     Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science

•     Bachelor of Arts in Justice Studies
*Available in an accelerated, 12-month structure
Royal Roads University provides world class education in a top destination to students looking for a strong career and a comfortable lifestyle in Canada. The 2 + 2 or 1 + 3 program options gives students an unparalleled learning experience by teachers who are experts in their field of study and take on real-world challenges through internships. Through the Post-Graduation Work Permit Program, students can obtain a work permit for up to three years after they complete their degree.

Direct Entry to on-campus Master’s programs:
•     Master of Arts in Intercultural & International Communication

•     Master of Global Management*

•     Master of Arts in Tourism Management*
*Available in an accelerated, 12-month structure
Students looking to advance career prospects with a higher level degree should look no further than Royal Roads University. The on-campus Master’s degree programs provide intensive professional training aimed to prepare students for the next level in their career aspirations.

Online & Blended Programs – Coming Soon
The Online & Blended programs at RRU are perfect for students looking for more flexibility in their study plan. With 4 options for undergraduate degrees and over 15 graduate degrees, students can study online from anywhere in the world, at any time during the day. Some degree programs come in a blended format, meaning that students may have one or two 3-week residencies where they will study on-campus at either Royal Roads University, or a partner university anywhere in the world.

ISC Pathway Programs
For students who need additional English language training and support, RRU still provides exceptional pathway options for every type of student.

English for Academic Purposes:
The English for Academic Purposes (EAP) program is a 1- or 2-semester program designed to provide intensive English language training for students entering into International Year One.

Transfer Preparation Program:
The Transfer Preparation Program (TPP) is a 1 or 2-semester program, ideal for students who academically qualify to apply direct to year three of an undergraduate degree, but need additional English language training.

International Year One:
The academic content courses of the IY1 program at Royal Roads University is now entirely delivered by RRU faculty, and students will receive RRU credit for their coursework.

Pre-Master’s Program:
The Pre-Master’s Program (PMP) is a 1- or 2-semester program ideal for students looking to study at the graduate level at RRU.

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