New Flinders ISC Pre-Masters Business Program Now Available!

New Flinders ISC Pre-Masters Business Program Now Available!

Flinders International Study Centre is excited to announce the launch of their Pre-Masters Business Program (PMP). Designed specifically for international students, the program is the perfect option for students who do not meet the academic or language requirements for direct entry to Flinders Business School’s Master of Business. Offered as a 1 or 2 semester program, it allows students to study undergraduate level Flinders Business School subjects, alongside English communication subjects, with the objective of preparing students for Postgraduate level study. By studying Flinders Business School subjects, graduates will enter the Master of Business program with the same level of preparation and understanding as those who have completed a Flinders University undergraduate degree.

Course Structure:
Students will complete one or two semesters of 14 weeks each. The PMP schedule will coincide with the Flinders Business School calendar. Semesters are comprised of 3 Business and 1 English Communication subject. Each week consists of 22 hours of classes: 5 hours per business subject and 7 hours for the English subject.

2015 Intake dates:
Standard (2 semesters): 29th June & 26th October
Accelerated (1 semester): 26th October

Accelerated (1 semester): $9,000
Standard (2 semesters): $17,000

Entry Requirements:
Completion of a three year degree in home country, which is not recognised by NOOSR as equivalent to an Australian Bachelor Degree.

Accelerated (1 semester): ‭IELTS 6.0 (no band less than 5.5)‬
Standard (2 semesters): ‭IELTS 5.5 (no band less than 5.0)‬‬

Flinders International Study Centre’s Adelaide CBD location at Victoria Square.

On successful completion of the Flinders ISC Pre-Masters Programme, students will be guaranteed entry to the Flinders Business School’s Master of Business.

The Flinders ISC Pre-Masters Business Program will enable your students to develop all the required skills for successful entry to the Master of Business at Flinders University. The Master of Business program provides a strong foundation in business knowledge, also developing the skills necessary for a successful career in business and not for profit organisations, as well as for jobs the public sector. The Master of Business can be completed with or without specialisation. Specialisations include Finance, International Business, Tourism, Biotechnology, Health and Education.

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